Omnichannel Distribution

We know how difficult it can be to find the right sales channels, therefore we offer clients a solid start on the Dutch market using our omnichannel distribution service. Clients can distribute their products not only on our bricks and mortar stores within large cities in The Netherlands, but will also have the option to be distributed using our online partners.

Omnichannel presence

Clients enjoy several ways to offset their product on the Dutch market. This not only leads to an increase in sales and brand awareness, but the time consuming research and work is also handled by us.

Bricks and mortar stores

To enable our clients to sell their products on physical stores as well, we have partnered with Peoples. Peoples has several physical stores throughout larger cities in The Netherlands, the stores place a heavy focus on the sale-, service-, and repair of consumer electronics.

Online distribution

Our partner, Peoples Group, enables our clients to sell their products through the Peoples website. In addition to providing our clients with an online distribution, we always strive to increase our client’s brands through a solid marketing strategy.

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