Aftersales service

Contact with costumers does not stop after the initial purchase. Attention to the customer after the sale will generally ensure a positive experience with the customer.

Keeping the relationship warm increases the chances of a repeat purchase or contract extension. After-sales can also provide opportunities for new sales (upselling).

Orange gate can support you with contact moments such as satisfaction survey, newsletters, discount coupons, personalized offers etc.

| Customer loyalty

A costumer journey that is pleasant will motivate future purchases. With a focus on the after-sale experience, as an organization we strive to ensure a positive experience with its customers.

| Upselling

After-sales strategies can increase the chances of up selling opportunities, such as strategic customer purchase experience that can lead to contract renewals.

| Insurance

Depending on your product, we can match you with one of our local partners. This will ensure your after-sales process to be more swift and cost-effective.

| Customer service

Customers find it easier to connect with your brand once it offers native language support. Orange Gate’s service comes with Dutch customer support, helping to connect your brand on a higher level.

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